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Crime Rates in Leicester

Posted on 8th May 2018 by Wilson Alarm Systems Blog

Leicester is a cosmopolitan and diverse city and boasts some of the UK’s most remarkable and historic architecture. However, just like any city, Leicester is not free from crime. In the latest blog post from Wilson Alarm Systems Ltd, we discuss the crime statistics for the area of Leicester and the most commonly committed crimes.

Recent statistics that show the most commonly committed crime in Leicester between April 2016 and March 2017 was anti-social behaviour, with a total of 8,680 incidents reported within that time frame. These incidents make up 23% of all total crime during that period. The least reported crime during April 2016 and March 2017 was weapons-related crimes, with a total of 323 incidents reported.

Although when isolated these statistics can seem high, when compared to crime rates of similar cities, Leicester is deemed around average. Across the Midlands, Blackpool had the highest crime rates during the recorded time period and Coventry had the least.

Given how densely populated the area of Leicester is, it is not at all surprising that this area has slightly higher crime rates than other areas within Leicestershire. If we only look at the statistics, the areas of Leicestershire with the least amount of crime are Thurncourt, Evington and Knighton. Areas that report the most amount of crime within Leicestershire are those close to the bars and clubs, including the city centre, Clarendon Park, Blackfriars and Southfields.

On the whole, when looking at crime statistics and trends in Leicestershire, it is clear to see that crime rates dropped after 2014 and then slowly began to rise. Taking into account various fluctuations over time, crime rate looks to be relatively steady, with Leicester being deemed a safe place to live.

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