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Five Reasons to Invest in Home Security

Posted on 4th June 2018 by Wilson Alarm Systems Blog

We all want to protect our valuables and a working alarm system plays a big part in keeping your belongings safe. In the latest blog post from Wilson Alarm Systems Ltd, we take a look at the importance of investing in home security.

Protect Your Valuables

Whether it’s a family heirloom, a new laptop or gadget, or perhaps something that holds a lot of sentimental value, you’ll want to protect it from theft or damage. One of the main reasons to invest in home security is to protect the valuables in your home.


An alarm system can act as a great deterrent, but will only be truly effective if the system is fully operational. It is also worth noting that studies have shown that as the number of security alarms increased in an area, the number of residential robberies decreased – even for those without their own security system. Consequently, investing in home security for your own home can help to make the wider community a much safer environment for everyone.

Lower Insurance

The kind of home security you invest in for your home can have a great impact on the money you pay for your home insurance. For some, a 20% saving can be made, so investing in a home security is a no-brainer.

Monitor from Afar

Home security systems help you to keep track of your home in various ways whilst you are away. Whether you want to watch what’s happening in your home via cameras or be notified when the alarm is triggered, you can have your system set up accordingly.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of having a tailored security system that suits your requirements is the peace of mind you have knowing that you have a strong extra layer of security protecting you and your belongings. This is a benefit that money can’t buy.

If you are interested in upgrading your home security system or investing in a new alarm for a residential property that is currently unprotected, we welcome you to contact us. Please call 0116 245 3030 or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch shortly.