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Summer Security Tips

Posted on 24th July 2018 by Wilson Alarm Systems Blog

During the summer months, many of us rejoice as we can finally open our windows and doors without letting a mass of cold air into our homes. Summer comes with many positives, but home security should still remain a top priority. In today’s post, Wilson Alarm systems Ltd discusses summer security tips and the steps you can take to minimise the risk of burglary and theft throughout the summer.


We all like to get outside when the weather changes for the better, but making sure you put away equipment such as bikes is of paramount importance. Equipment left in the garden is not only at risk of being stolen, it can also make it much easier to climb fences and enter windows higher up, acting as a prop or step.

Before you go to bed, where possible, be sure to put all valuable equipment out of sight.

Social Media

Many of us like to share where we are and what we’re up to on social media, but this can sometimes act as an advertisement that you are not at home. If you can’t wait to share your location on social media, be sure to check your privacy settings so you know exactly which people you are sharing with – many of us have “followers” and “friends” on social media that we haven’t spoken to in years. If you only wish to send images back to close friends and family, a safer solution may be to share these in a private group chat.


The summer weather can provide a chance thief with the opportunity they’re looking for, with many windows and doors left wide open whilst we may be in other areas of the house or garden.

Whilst you may want to keep your home cool, be sure to close and lock all doors and windows when you head out – if you’re concerned about the heat of the sun, keep your blinds and curtains closed to minimise the amount of sun that will come through your windows and heat up the room.

Domestic Security Systems

The dedicated team at Wilson Alarm Systems Ltd are adept at installing both commercial and domestic security systems, providing you with the peace of mind and level of security required. If you would like to find out more about our wide range of security systems, please contact us today on 0116 245 3030 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.