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The Benefits of Home Access Systems

Posted on 7th April 2017 by Wilson Alarms

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are multiple benefits of having access systems installed into your commercial property, such as being able to monitor when people are starting and finishing work. However, in our latest blog post, we discuss the various advantages of installing such access systems into your domestic property.

Keep Intruders Out

Access systems refer to door entry systems that use electronic tokens instead of traditional keys. These systems lock automatically once shut, meaning you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door behind you.

Increase your Property Value

According to research conducted by Moneywise, the rate of crime conducted within an area can significantly impact the value of your property. So, by heightening your level of home security, you can soften the impact of this information for any potential buyers and increase the value of your property if you ever decide to sell. In addition to this, the awareness of modern security access systems has grown significantly in recent years, meaning it is likely that potential property buyers will specifically look for such features of a home before they invest.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Although it can be costly to install a high-quality security system to your home, you may be able to lower your insurance premiums. Many of us continuously search for new ways to save money and by lowering the cost of your insurance, you could soon have a very happy piggy bank.

Improve Safety & Security

As straightforward and obvious as it sounds, having an access alarm system, will stop intruders from gaining easy access into your home or business and can make you feel that your everything is secure whether you’re at home or not.

Book Your Consultation

At Wilson Alarms, we have a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive security solutions to both your home and business. We will happily conduct a full consultation with each of our highly valued customers prior to installation, ensuring we install only the most effective security systems, saving you money, and giving you the peace of mind that you have protected your assets in the most secure way. Contact our trusted team for more information on the systems we offer on 0116 245 3030, or by using our contact form.

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