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Newsflash: Wilson Alarm System Limited announces the takeover of the domestic and commercial contracts from Grantham-based A1 Fire And Security Solutions Limited. Details are here.

24-Hour Security Monitoring

At Wilson Alarm Systems, we have many years of experience in providing a 24-hour monitoring service, 365 days a year via a manned monitoring station. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to record, monitor and protect a particular building or area, ensuring that security is as high as possible.

All of the surveillance monitors are linked to a police responder, key-holder, security company and/or a Wilson Alarms engineer. If the worst does occur then our trained efficient staff are on hand to provide a fast responsive service, informing all contacts within no time at all.

With a wealth of experience, our dedicated team provides a wide range of hassle-free, advanced security monitoring systems. We can also provide 24-hour surveillance for specific areas of your property so you can rest assured knowing that your building is being monitored, even when you are not on the premises!

If you would like to learn more about 24 hour monitoring you can read our blog post, evaluating whether it is needed.

24 Hour Monitoring for
  • ● Standard intruder alarms
  • ● Domestic homeowners
  • ● CCTV system solutions
  • ● Retail customers
  • ● Standard fire alarm services
  • ● Local authorities
  • ● Commercial contracts
  • ● Business parks
Companies we work with

EMCS Monitoring Services

Our 24 hour monitoring service is provided by EMCS Independent – an independent Alarm Receiving Centre. Established in 1987, EMCS are fully accredited to NSI Gold, creating complete independence for businesses and homeowners, giving you peace of mind that your security is in safe and reliable hands.

emcs_independent Our Alarm Receiving Centre is completely self-contained. All of our facilities are resistant to both physical attack and power failures, and in the extremely unlikely event of a main system failure, we are still able to provide a continuous, uninterrupted back-up service.

We provide a highly skilled and efficient team to perform an outstanding 24 hour monitoring service. Our security systems and services are tailored to suit your own individual requirements, providing cost effective alarm systems, access control solutions and CCTV cameras to protect your home or business.

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Security Monitoring

Preventing crime and anti-social
behaviour against any property,
no matter what type or size!

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