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Do I Need to Invest in 24 Hour Security Monitoring?

Posted on 6th June 2019 by Wilson Alarms

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The type of security you should invest in for your home or business will all depend on your individual requirements and the type of threats you are most concerned about. 24-hour monitoring has proved to be a popular security solution over the years in both domestic and commercial environments, giving both homeowners and business owners complete peace of mind, whether they are in their property or away.

24-hour monitoring may be added to a wide variety of security products, including standard intruder alarms, CCTV systems and fire alarms.

How Does 24 Hour Monitoring Work?

Your monitoring system will be linked to your central security provider, which will often be different from the company that has installed your alarm. When your control panel registers an emergency, it will send a signal to your chosen security provider who may then call you to see if you require assistance. The exact set-up and services you will have with your security provider may vary.

Other people that may be alerted to the signal of your alarm may be an appointed keyholder (if applicable) and a police responder.

Where Can 24-Hour Monitoring be Used?

24-hour security monitoring systems may be used in a wide variety of environments, including homes, offices, retail establishments, business parks, local authorities and more.

Wilson Alarm Systems

Here at Wilson Alarm Systems, we have been providing a 24-hour monitoring service for many years. Using state of the art technology, our systems can monitor your building or one particular area of your business to ensure your security remains as tight as possible.

If you would like more information on our 24-hour security monitoring service, please call our dedicated team today on 0116 245 3030 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.

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