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How to Secure your Home in Winter

Posted on 14th August 2017 by Wilson Alarms

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we head into the colder winter months, keeping your home secure is more important than ever with shorter days and longer nights. It might not come as a surprise that crime statistics are much higher during the winter, this is due to many reasons including more expensive belongings in the lead up to Christmas.

So, if you have been wondering how to secure your home in winter, we have put together 4 handy tips to help.

Adding Lighting

An effective and inexpensive burglar deterrent is the addition of outdoor lighting around your home as it can be fitted yourself and makes it more difficult for anyone to hide in the shadows. Sensored lighting might be a little more costly, however, it can also be a great solution.

Closing Windows

Keeping windows in empty or unoccupied rooms closed is another key way to reduce the chances of an intruder. If your main living space is at the back of your house, intruders may assume you are not in and an open window acts as an open invitation.

Check Your Doors

The entry and exit point of your home can often be the weakest aspect of your home security. Ensure you regularly inspect the doors in and around your home, especially any doors that allow access into your property. 

Install Remote CCTV & Security 

Intruder alarms and visible CCTV cameras are a clear way to reduce the risk of burglary and stop your home or business being more of a target. Visible deterrents, such as CCTV make your home more difficult to break into. As technology has evolved, a great option is also remote control security systems as this will allow you to control all of your security even when you’re not at home. 

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At Wilson Alarm, we have been providing home and business security systems for many years. If you would like more information on how to secure your home or the services we can provide, please contact our friendly team on 0116 245 3030.

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