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Three Home Security Myths Busted

Posted on 6th February 2018 by Wilson Alarms

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to home security, it is important to know what methods work to protect your home and what will have little to no effect. In the latest blog post, we discuss the common home security myths to help keep your home secure.

1. “My Dog Will Protect My Home”

Although our canine friends can be very protective, to have them as the only method of security for you and your home can leave you very vulnerable. It is necessary to remember that dogs can easily be lured by treats or handled by experienced burglars. What’s more, if distracted, a dog may not alert you to an intruder in your home. Further to this, it is important to remember that home security methods should protect your entire house and that means everything that is inside, including your pets.

2. “What Works For My Neighbour Will Work For Me”

When it comes to home security, the best methods are tailored. That means that just because your neighbour has an impressive system that works for them, it may not necessarily work just as well for you. This can be especially obvious where you have a semi-detached home but your neighbour lives in a detached house. In order to get the highest level of home security, it is advisable to have a survey carried out on your home, before investing in new equipment.

3. “My Neighbours Lookout for Each Other’s Homes”

Having good neighbours is definitely an advantage, but you shouldn’t rely on them to keep your home protected. Unlike a bespoke alarm system that will monitor activity around your home 24/7, a neighbour may be out, asleep or simply not looking when suspicious activity surrounds your home. Consequently, although a neighbourly attitude should never be taken for granted, it should not be used as the only means to protect your home.

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