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How To Keep Your Home Secure This Christmas

Posted on 12th November 2020 by Wilson Alarms

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we head into the festive season, home safety has never been so important, because unfortunately, it’s a commonly known fact house burglaries increase at this time of year. So, we’ve put together a few key ways you can keep your home more secure this Christmas.

Check Your Existing Security Systems

We recommend you inspect your existing security measures every few months and specifically during the festive season. If you have CCTV cameras, manually check they are all working, have no signs of damage and make sure they are monitoring the right areas of your home. If you have any blind spots, ensure they have some security measures in place or add a new CCTV camera to cover it. 

Invest in Motion Light Sensors

This might be an added cost you weren’t considering, however, they are a great way to deter potential burglars as the name suggests, they shine a light when motion is detected. This might not be ideal to a household with certain pets, such as an outdoor cat as it might be activated every time it enters and exits.

Secure Any Outdoor Lights

If you have any lights outside, you might have to keep windows open slightly for wires to be fed in and out of windows. Ideally, outdoor sockets are the best alternative, however, this might not be possible. You can try placing the wires in the corners of your windows, thinner wires, which allows you to close windows or even battery-powered lights. 

Recycle Packaging 

As silly as it might sound, don’t leave any packaging out and visible, as this is a clear indicator of what gifts you’ve purchased or receive and this could make you a target. If you’re using recycling bags, fold up your cardboard or paper and don’t put your recycling for collection until the last minute. We would recommend that you make sure any presents under the tree aren’t visible to someone looking into your house. 

Book Your Security System Installation Today 

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