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Do I Need An Alarm System?

Posted on 3rd October 2018 by Wilson Alarms

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are many opinions on having a burglar alarm fitted, with some people assuming that an alarm advertises to potential burglars that you have something of value in your home. Despite the myths, the extra layer of security that a burglar alarm provides is not to be underrated. In our latest post, we discuss alarm systems in more detail, helping you decide what device is best for you.

A survey conducted by the Metropolitan police and Which? with ex-burglars concluded that they were much less likely to burgle a home that had a well fitted and well-maintained alarm.

The more tailored the alarm system, the more benefits you will get from it, so consider where you live, what your home is like and the level of protection you are after, before making a purchase.

Bells Only Alarm

As the name suggests, a bells only alarm system will make a sound on detection of an intruder, but will not contact anyone – such as you or the police – when it is triggered. If you live in an active neighbourhood watch area or have friends or family nearby that you would count on to call the police if your alarm sounds in an emergency, a bells only alarm may work for you and you won’t have to pay for a monitoring contract. However, if your home isn’t near many other houses or you do not know anyone in the area, a bells only alarm may not be enough to deter a burglar.

Dialler Alarm

To give you complete peace of mind, a dialer alarm alerts you or nominated friends and family when the alarm is activated. It is worth noting that you will need a landline which wires from the alarm can connect to. If you do not have a landline, you will need a special sim card topped up with enough credit to make the call. These GSM diallers use mobile network signals so you will need to ensure you have a good mobile signal in your home.

Smart Alarm

Smart home security systems are connected to a mobile or tablet through wifi and alert those connected when the alarm is triggered. You can connect multiple elements to a smart home security system, including, your lights, cameras and motion sensors.

Book Your Alarm Installation

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